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    *All services are currently being provided remotely*

    The niche of this practice is providing “family forensic services.” If you have received a court order for services, it may state pretty specifically what is required. You may benefit from attending our court order workshop. Sometimes you may receive an order that states “therapy” or “counseling” or “evaluation.” All of those services can be provided here. Therefore, the following listed services can be provided at this practice, in or outside of the legal context. Please reach out with additional questions, or for assistance with booking an appointment.

    Tele-Mental Health: Maybe it is difficult to come into the office to receive services. If this is the case for you, services can take place via HIPAA-compliant video sessions on your computer or mobile device. Please contact us to request this service. Virtual services can currently be provided to those living in California and in North Carolina.

    Therapy 45 or 60 minutes: Therapy services are provided at this practice with the option of 45 or 60 minutes. Therapy often includes a one on one environment with the client and therapist present, but may also include a spouse, other family member or other selected person. Therapy services can be provided for a variety of reasons. Maybe someone told you it might be a good idea. Perhaps you’re experiencing a separation, your relationship is strained with a family member, your children are struggling in some way, and/or maybe you have lost a sense of balance in your life and are experiencing anxiety or feelings of sadness and overwhelm. While these examples are not exhaustive, therapy may be a good option for services in these instances.

    Psychological Testing

    Testing encompasses many facets. Some people request psychological testing for personal reference. Others may do so at the suggestion of a court, other professional entity or perhaps there are some concerns about school. Psychological testing answers some specific type of question and can vary in the amount of time it takes and in cost. Request a consultation to decide what testing is most appropriate for you.


    Free consultation can be provided for up to 15 minutes. If more than 15 minutes is needed, there is a fee. Consultation can be helpful if you're in need of general direction. For instance, maybe you're considering therapy but are not sure. Or maybe you've decided on therapy but wonder what it's like, what kind you may need etc. This can also be helpful if you are considering testing but are wondering what it entails. Free consultations are good for general questions to be answered like location, potential costs, services and things of that nature. Longer consultations are good for teasing out specific inquiries that give you direction on next steps. Consultation can be provided to initiate personal services (if appropriate), but can also be useful for professionals on behalf of clients or who are looking for referral sources for their clients.

    Community Education

    Maybe you are a professional who would find it beneficial to have a psychologist come to your place of work to speak. Lunch & Learn is a great opportunity to get some questions answered about services that can be provided in the community. It is also beneficial for building a network of resources that may prove useful for future collaboration. Fill out the contact form to request a Lunch & Learn for your place of business.

    Quick Fee List of Most Common Services (not exhaustive)

    *Fees subject to change

         Concerned about cost?

    Services have the option of buy now and pay over installments with Afterpay.

    Tele-Mental Health Services have the same costs as in-person services


    Initial Therapy Intake (1.5 hr): $260

    Therapy 45 minutes: $170

    Therapy 60 minutes: $200

    Therapy Packages 

    $500 for 3 60 minute visits ($400 for 45 minutes)

    $850 for 5 60 minute visits ($700 for 45 minutes)

    $1650 for 10 60 minute visits ($1400 for 45 minutes)

    *Therapy packages are not refundable after completing one initial visit. Only purchase a package you intend on using*

    Psychological Testing 

     Varies due to nature of needs (please ask for specifics)


    $90 per half hour

                                  Court Testimony/Witness                                  

     $300/hr & up

     (requires a retainer)

    Lunch & Learn

    Free! (30-45 minutes)

    $250 per hour otherwise

    Note: If you are interested in being reimbursed by your insurance company for any service, psychological testing and court services may not qualify. Always contact your insurance company for clarity. See Insurance FAQs.

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