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  • Non Therapy Therapeutic Workshops

    “Non Therapy” for us is just that. It is not therapy in the traditional sense, but offers tools and information necessary to reduce some stress and gain some knowledge. These are workshops that may be a one shot stop or may include a series. Stay tuned for what we have next…

    Uh oh…Got a court order?

    Feeling overwhelmed? Did you receive a court order for a mental health service for yourself? Maybe for your child to receive mental health services? Is your family having to engage? Perhaps you are a therapist who has a client with a court order? Know how to deal? Let’s talk about it!

    Wouldn’t it be nice to receive these documents and not have feelings of anxiety rule your behaviors? Would you like to feel more confident and at ease concerning these matters?

    Join us for a workshop about how to manage anxiety regarding court orders. There will be separate considerations for…

    Individuals – This group for those who are listed in the court order and need to comply.

    Parents/Family For family members/loved ones who have a child or loved one listed as part of an order.

    Mental Health Providers – For mental health providers who “don’t do court stuff” and find yourself doing court stuff, this is for you.

    Reach out to request participation and what your role in the order is. Looking forward to relieving some anxiety with you!