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  • Lunch & Learn

    What is a lunch & learn?! It is quite literally what it sounds like! You eat your lunch while you learn! We spend a few minutes (typically between 30-45) speaking generally about some topics that are relevant to you in order for you to work more effectively with/or serve people. If something more extensive than 30-45 minutes is needed, this is possible too but there is a fee associated.

    Let’s get together! Mental health has become less taboo since the pandemic began, but often people do not know as much as they think about mental health. Lots of times, people think of mental illness when it comes to mental health and the focus should be health. When you visit your medical provider, the focus is on improvement and wellness/taking steps to get there. The same is true for mental health. Mental Health is an essential part of overall health. Ever tried to complete a task when you’re overwhelmed (a.k.a. “anxious”)? Little bit harder to do right? If you believe that mental health education would benefit you and or your organization, click here to discuss!