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  • "Providing court ordered therapy and evaluations"

    Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

    Competent Mental Health Services


    Quality of life counts. We want you to get it back.

    If you’re here, chances are some or all of it is gone. Something is definitely getting in the way. Maybe you know what you need, maybe you don’t. Maybe you are here for someone else. Whatever your case may be, your life is important. Everyone’s life is important.

    If you found the help you were looking for, what a relief that would be! What differences would that make?!

    This practice can provide for a variety of family and individual needs. Many times our clients are court ordered for therapy or for a psychological evaluation of some sort. Court or no court, clients who receive services at this practice typically will feel more empowered to adaptively manage situations than they did before starting.

    If you have some kind of stigma with having to see a mental health provider, you are not alone. It can be hard. Maybe you do not know what to expect. At this practice, expect that you can ask questions, be candid and know that being human is a condition we are all dealing with, that sometimes brings about unintended life circumstances. You can overcome your circumstances.

    Clients often make the statement, “I am glad I found you.” If you are ready to join them, reach out today!

    Anticipate your best,

    Family Forensic Focus Team